Saturday, 14 July 2012

BEng at Leeds Poly

It was in 1986, that I started the long haul of 4 years on the Electrical Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering Honours only Course at the then Leeds Polytechnic (now LMU). A tough decision, as this was 4 years of day release from my job at BT. Day release meant, 12 hours days...9am to 9pm. This was the first course of its kind to be run here, it had replaced a BSc course which had been running for years. New modules and new ways of learning. However, the long struggle was worth it, I ended up with a 2nd class Hons degree. Here we are at Graduation Day in November 1990.

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  1. Leeds Poly changed its name to Leeds Metro Uni, but has since changed again to Leeds Beckett Uni